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Blood Road

Blood Road (a Red Bull Media House production) follows an ultra-endurance mountain biker; Rebecca Rusch, she bikes 1,931 km through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Accompanied by her riding partner, Huyen Nguyen, a Vietnamese mountain bike racer, Rusch hopes to locate the site where her father’s plane was shot down during the Vietnam War. Art director Johnny Likens created the film’s opening graphic titles as well as all of the info-graphics, the custom map visuals, terrain visuals and the historical archive footage treatments. Likens has executed a beautiful melancholic visual treatment using C4D to create some engaging graphics for this documentary film. The attention to detail in the execution is somewhat alluring, and at the same time delivering a poignant undertone referencing the hostory and relevance of the narrative . I must watch the film now!

Colin JohnstonComment