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Sunderland 'Till I Die

Sunderland ‘Till I Die, produced by Fulwell 73 and designed and animated by Alchemy in the UK.

This title sequence is steeped in sombreness and nostalgia which reflects not only the clubs fall from grace, the lucrative Premier League into The Championship, but also points heavily towards the economic boom town years from the period of the industrial revolution in the North East of the UK, when the working class people were ‘employed for a lifetime’ and football was primetime entertainment.

The melancholy of the motion graphics are supported by a beautifully poetic soundtrack from ‘The Lake Poets’ reinforcing the nostalgic messaging as the scenes flow through iconic ‘North East’ industrial symbols and football related lifestyle scenes like the low lit pub table showing a fans pre match perspective.

This piece reminded me how rich and deep football is in the UK, how it really is the lifeblood of many communities, not just Sunderland - the financial aspect of the game has certainly darkened the mood in recent years.

Colin JohnstonComment