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Formula E

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A fantastic on-air branding package to work on, the deserved winner of this job — Dixon Baxi (one of my most admired 'Maison de Graphiques') has executed a brother in branding terms to their Premier League rebrand alongside the in-house Formula E team. As we embark on the age of the electric car Formula E which has been around since 2012 delivers world-class racing to 11 cities over five continents, throughout the seven-month Championship season.

They have created this sleek, cool flat design inspired package based on 'gamify-ing' the viewing experience which works very well with precise angles, bold colours and subtle colour fades, using motoring iconography such as chevrons appropriately as transitions and as part of the name-icon super iconography. The physics of the motion was simply pulled from inertia behaviour which underpins all of the real-time infographics.

“This is a revolution. Formula E is going to shape the way we drive our cars in the future.” Alejandro Agag, Founder, and CEO.

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