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i Spy Doc

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Having recently moved to New Zealand, it felt apt to acknowledge something interesting coming from this country. Directed by Justin Pemberton, iSpy (With My Five Eyes) is an interactive documentary which explores the current state of cybersecurity, revealing how a global spy network affects us in the most unexpected ways. The responsive site presents the content in a 5 chapter menu broken down into stories about the history of the Five Eyes; cyber warfare and espionage, the chilling effect, terrorists and what the future holds.

Each chapter comes with a range of dig-deeper videos – users can pick where to jump in and out for more information within the chapters. Inside every chapter, viewers can talk with others around the planet about what’s happening on screen, prompted by questions placed contextually throughout.

There's also a commenting tool which is designed to pause the video so that users can chat without login or leaving the browser. iSpy is bringing documentary telling into a truly interactive environment where once the director has finished the final cut it can take on a life of its own and become a discussion point on the Internet for the public to discuss and debate. The design treatment and UX/UI is really engaging and easy to navigate, the style approach really augments the topic for public debate.

Watch here > iSpyDoc


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