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Don't Blink

Sound marries motion TO THE MAX. Don't Blink is an exciting example of taking the traditional 'type in motion' format into a new dimension. French music producer Sukin provided the backbone to this piece. A track produced by Sukin called Tiger Rhythm was edited and spliced together with all sorts of appropriate sound bites, taking us on a roller coaster journey of sound and vision in an up-to-date 'Modernist' motion graphic STYLO — drawing upon Apple's minimalist brand DNA as the principle graphic language.

The title's message obviously refers to the supersonic pace of this advert, Justin Cone (Motionographer) interestingly points out that one word every two tenths of a second is shown, which matches the Adult English readers ability to consume (at the most) 5 words per second, taking this into account, they've pushed it to the MAX. 

From the beginning there are clever transitions and type movements giving us snippets of new-tech-info and at the same time delivered with excitement. The reinforcement of sound effects used in each of these segments really packs a punch. 

The real confidence comes from the brave interjections of humour adding an element of diversity keeping the viewer excited and engaged, this is seen when the Airpods footage is edited into the flow and also when the faux professor has to explain the meaning of Nits. Most of the other content is brand or product focussed, each product only feature on screen for few seconds maximum leaving the viewer wanting more. This motion graphique has balls and yes, I think Apple still has it (it; being something that separates themselves from market competition).


Colin JohnstonComment