Pulse is a curation of inspirational visual communication design for the screen. This is where you'll find the most interesting screen design from branding to title sequences gathered from sources all over the world.


This 'brand story' piece of TaherInvest led by Micheal Rigby tackles things differently, in motion graphics we see so many of these spots that follow similar frameworks, this approach had something left field. Stylistically, it's bold, sophisticated and shows depth while giving the viewer a feel of contemporary cinema. The sweeping camera moves tumble through the digital landscape, while the fluid graphic transitions continually reveal information knitting the story of the brand together. The viewing experience is like being thrown backwards onto a roller coaster in Oculus Rift. It resonates with the sense of a movie title sequence rather than an information graphic and narrative of a wealth company, inherently dynamic, this is one the clearly stands out pour moi. Produced at Blend Studios, creatively directed by Nick Waraksa with Design, Art Direction and animation by the super talented Micheal Rigby.


Colin JohnstonComment