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Nicolas Feltron : The Ideas Economy

Nicolas Feltron: 2012 Annual Report

Nicolas Feltron: 2012 Annual Report

I’ve been a admirer of Mr Nicholas Feltron's design path ever since I came across his data driven design work a few years back now. Feltron is a recognised 'Data Visualiser' and bona fide Info-Graphic Designer for Journalism and Academia, I just want to express,  just briefly about how it makes me react as a designer myself, observing his way of thinking. The Article shown (for The Economist) illustrates my aligned ideology within visual communication, that is clean, clear, bold and precise presentation combines with topical information on the future of the economy (think Wired Magazine) which is what I dream of doing, I’d bite someone’s hand off to make a living from doing what Feltron does. Taking rich data and presenting it with clean shapes, simply presented information, relative colour, volumetric shapes and Typography, working together in harmony — it's this which takes me back to my design roots as a kinder. I grew up in the 1980/90′s in Northern Europe being fed Post Modernist rules (namely by my Father) while being exposed to influences from the likes of Le Corbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe and Bruce Mau, and has continued ever since, throughout the past 20 years of my life. By this stage (2014) all those influences combined with technological advances have given birth to something similar in my focus as a designer/thinker/philosopher. My point is that when I look at how Feltron has combined these principles into his working life, it gives me shivers of admiration and a level of jealously as I'd live to work making data models. Any economic data analyst will divulge into critiquing the theory of this model for it’s accuracy and it's relevance and so will designers be as equally analytical about Feltrons approach, I have respect for his intelligent layout which is design working harmoniously with rich data.


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