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Mind X is a record of all things that shape and form my psyche and wider thinking as a human and designer from Architecture and Travel to new form Philosophy and Technological advances, this concept is still in it’s embryonic stages, a digital Moleskine perhaps.

ReGen Villages : The Netherlands

Visualisation of ReGen

Visualisation of ReGen

Dubbed the 'Tesla of Eco Villages' ReGen based in The Netherlands is an off grid community producing it's own food water and electricity. Recognising the global issue of rapid population growth - ReGen understand that by 2050 our global population will reach a staggering 10 Billion.

Self sufficiency and sustainability are at the heart of this 'living concept' Recognising this modern day issue, they claim to create "Desirable off-grid capable neighborhoods comprised of power positive homes, renewable energy, water management, and waste-to-resource systems that are based upon on-going resiliency research"

This type of thinking is exciting and should be developed and back by governments for our futures, population growth is our no.1 threat for the future - this type of set up would be ideal for thriving families which would in turn reduce burdens on local and national governments.

Colin JohnstonComment